This book is unique and a unique literary genre that today, the Man showing his helplessness before the terrifying dangers that he himself has created, the “case” donated. TRUE in all its aspects, culminating in the appeal of Pangea creators. Two kids man remember the “advice” penned centuries: “Unless you become like children you will never enter the Kingdom … Paradise … Great Plains … Garden of Earthly Delights … Pangea … Eden or, whichever way you want to call it that size where the impossible It is the norm.

To the cynics, the subject matter will inspire a mocking grin to those who, probably with deductive capabilities out of the ordinary, he described the events in the Book of Life; the peculiarity of these events is to be provided for and handed down to posterity as this cautionary prophecy: “their rice in the end, a grimace of pain will become.”

These lines are not only the presentation of a Book, are also the presentation of his unthinkable purpose, since in it, describes the unexpected turn that many will, and as a Father’s hand is guided. Penning his name in the pages of the Book of Life, following the “advice” is placed at the end of the last chapter, we will make many a significant step toward the gates of Pangea.

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